Unique To Us

  • A team of specialist investigative officers whose time is solely dedicated to reducing tenancy misuse.
  • A reporting hotline for Residents and members of the public to report cases. Support and advice for officers.
  • Specialist detection, investigative and evidence collection skills. Highly trained officers with backgrounds in Housing Management, Law and Policing.
  • Expertise and experience in preparing legal documents, witness statements and court evidence.
  • Confidence in complex case management, overcome to the ‘intention to return’ stumbling block.
  • Strong negotiation and interviewing skills.
  • Established reputations with the local courts.
  • Experienced Barristers to represent in possession cases.
  • Excellent relationships within the media and local politicians.
  • In house PR team to assist in advertising success stories.

In the course of their investigations BBFI not only reclaim housing units but also offer the follow secondary benefits to clients.

  • Increased trust and support from residents, Councilors & MPs.
  • Improved reputation of the LA/landlord and creation of more trusting, sustainable communities.
  • Protection of the public purse.
  • Discovery of other frauds: HB fraud, Council Tax frauds, VISA overstays, forgery and organised crime.
  • Targeting of the highest risk, desirable properties with maximum re-rental potential.
  • RSLs taking the initiative can have flexibility to make agreements with LA on local lettings plans.

For more information get in touch to create the perfect partnership for your organisation.

  • “Paul has a detailed knowledge of Council procedures and is down to earth and culturally aware… I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to carry out this type of operation in the future.”


  • “BBFI have the infrastructure, specialist staff and knowledge to start a fraud team and effectively run it.”


  • “In the first six months BBFI investigated 100 cases and closed 53. The housing officers in partnership with BBFI have recovered the keys to or issued Notices to Quit (NTQs) in eleven cases and 47 are open and under investigation. Some of the open investigation cases are under long-term surveillance. This equates to a property recovered or NTQ issued every seven days worked.”


  • “Total costs spent on the BBFI services to date total £25k. Taking into account the 3 cases where RTB applications were withdrawn and assets retained in our stock as well as three cases where vacant possession was gained without costs of legal action we estimate the savings to the housing association to be upwards of £300k”


  • “I am proud of what we have achieved so far with the continued help of BBFI.”


  • “Through the partnership our staff are being upskilled to enable them to carry out more complex investigations.”


  • “We did not have the resources or the experience to tackle such a far reaching problem and had no idea where to start. We decided to hire professionals, BBFI on a trial basis which became more permanent.”


  • “As a result of 31 investigations the right to buy team working with BBFI have uncovered fraudulent application and housing benefit fraud. Five applications have been withdrawn, each of which had a potential discount of over £100k. Of the 31 applications investigated nine have completed the intended home ownership and have purchased their homes and 17 are still under investigation.”